Like everyone else, we've been looking for ways that we can help with the fight against COVID-19.

TL;DR - Links to cut files here 👇 assembly instructions and files for a 4'x8' sheet of masks, further below!

Face Shield_1 Set.pdf

Face Shield_1

In response, we're releasing the design for a surgical face shield that is made entirely from clear plastic sheet material, that anyone can make quickly and in large quantities using a CNC router, laser cutter, or die-cutting/stamping process.

The only material necessary is 0.020" Clear Plastic Sheet.

The all-plastic face shield is made from two interlocking plastic parts cut from 0.020" thick clear plastic sheet material.

Once cut out, the face shields can be flat packed, boxed up and shipped out immediately. Hospital staff can then easily assemble on site as needed.

We believe this design provides the fastest and easiest way to create face shields, and helps to address at least one part of the current nationwide PPE shortage.

This design, created by InStore Design Display, as well as the alternates below, were developed in collaboration between hospital staff at the University of Kansas Health System, The Center for Design Research at the University of Kansas, InStore Design Display and Dimensional Innovations in Kansas City.


Center for Design Research, University of Kansas

InStore Design Display

Dimensional Innovations

Staff at The University of Kansas Health System

A Two Piece, All-Plastic Face Shield

COVID-19 Face Shield Prototype Specs

Designed by InStore Design Display in Kansas City, see link above to learn more.

We have linked all of our design and cut files below for use by anyone who needs them. Feel free to change them as necessary to fit the needs of your local healthcare professionals.

Cut Files

Required Materials


Alternative Headband Designs

While narrowing down to what we think is the best design, we found a few alternative headbands that work great, but require additional materials to construct.

Any of these headband designs can be used with the face shield cut file linked above.

Click into each image to find cut files, required materials, and assembly instructions.